Other Works

Whilst an Undergraduate Student at Lancaster University I wrote essays on a huge variety of subjects. Here are a few of the more notable essays. Feel free to cite these works!

What do you understand by the term colonialism in the early modern Americas?

An essay which explored the term ‘colonialism’ through the colonial experiences of Sweden, England, and Spain.

How did peoples of Early Modern Europe construct the identities of themselves and others?

An essay that explored how the colonizer constructed their identities against the identities of the colonized.

Was Ambedkar right to condemn Gandhi’s attitude to caste oppression?

An essay that examines the contrasting views of Gandhi and Ambedkar on caste oppression. This essay, also brings into view the role of the historian.

If you would like to read any of these essays, please have a look on the blog where they are available. As always any comments are welcome.


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